Thăn Nội Bò Mỹ - USDA Certified Angus Tenderloin

Thăn Nội Bò Mỹ - USDA Certified Angus Tenderloin


 Exclusive distribution, directly sourced and air-shipped from Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Since 1920, Greater Omaha is known worldwide for its finest quality beef. As a single-source supplier, Greater Omaha only source from dedicated farmers within a 250-mile radius from their plant in the corn-belt of Omaha, Nebraska USA. Farmers who supply to Greater Omaha have a long history and family traditions to grow top-quality Angus and Herefords, specifically bred and grain-fed for highly marbled steaks that are tender and succulent, melts in your mouth with incredible buttery flavors.   

Tenderloin: The most tender beef cut. Lean yet succulent and elegant.  Melt-in-your-mouth texture and subtle flavor.  

Cooking Method: grill, sous vide, roast, stir fry and saute
*Product is Halal Certified*

Khối lượng thực tế có thể thay đổi +/- 50gr - Weight range may vary by +/- 50gr