Trứng Tafa - Eggs 10pc
Trứng Tafa - Eggs 10pc

Trứng Tafa - Eggs 10pc


Carefully selected from the best eggs from Tafa Viet's farm, Tafa's fresh eggs are great result of effectively applying the successful modern science, technologies and closed munifacturing system. Each step in the process is strictly controlled so that the eggs' quality can meet the highest standards. Quality control is developed with the standards brought from Europe, Japan.

With an aim to provide the community with clean, high-nutritious products, Tafa Viet’s committed:

- Applying the quality-control system, standardized by VIETGAP, ISO, VIETNAM BESTFOOD

- Pullets are fed with non-preservative, antibiotics, growth hormones and other substances that may do harm to them

- Closed producing system with chains imported from Germany, Netherlands and Japan to guarantee the food hygiene

- Using 100% paper boxes that can be decomposed, contributing to saving the environment and reducing the amount of waste

When buying Tafa Viet’s products, please spend some time to check the information on the box. There will be the CODE on the authentic products and you can easily trace their origins and check authenticity.